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Theo Kocken

Stability in an uncertain world.

We are

Purpose-built risk and investment specialists and financial pioneers. We believe in a fair society in which financial services improve our quality of life.
In an irrational world with a financial system that frequently goes crazy, we feel a responsibility to keep watch over other people’s money. We help ensure people a more secure retirement and enable entrepreneurs, such as farmers in frontier economies, the opportunity to develop and prosper. By persistently weeding out unwanted and unnecessary risk, whilst embracing the ones needed to make people, businesses and society more resilient and secure. We want to contribute to such a society by fighting for a robust financial system and a fair pension system, that benefits all stakeholders and hence builds trust among people in an uncertain world. That’s our purpose. That’s what drives us. That’s what we devote our talent, knowledge and energy to. Not because we have to, but because it feels right to do so.

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