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Red Point Alloys

Frank van Os

The safe choice for fast solutions

We are Red Point Alloys

Dutch craftsmen. Founded in 1987.
Thought leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of valves.
We strongly believe in safety and reliability.
As they have always been the true building blocks of Dutch society.
And therefore embedded in the DNA of our company.
In our people. In our processes. And in our way of doing business.
Bringing safe and sound valves of the utmost quality to the market is what drives us.

We play a different game.
We design, engineer and produce custom-made.
In-house and fast track. Honoring the latest industrial standards with proven designs.
We guarantee the highest available safety standards in the market
and never compromise on quality. Always secure. Always safe. Always reliable!
We are qualified. Certified. And widely recommended and approved.
That makes us stand out. The bulls eye on the global dartboard of valve companies!

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